Large Animal Care

Equine Dentals

Our vets use the Powerfloat system to perform dental work on horses small and large.

Emergency Care Services

There is a veterinarian available 24/7.

Equine Coggins and Exports

Our staff perform the blood testing required for EIA and fill out all the necessary paperwork.

Pregnancy Exams

Our vets use an ultrasound to diagnose pregnancy as early as 14 days post breeding in horses or 30 days in cattle.

Herd Health

Performing yearly Herd Health Exams allow our clinic to help develop the appropriate drug and health protocols for your herd. Clicking the link below will direct you to our producer form. This will need to be printed and completed for when we arrive at your farm.

Routine Soft Tissue Surgery

Our facility is equipped to offer soft tissue surgeries from castrations, laceration repairs, hernia repairs, c-sections and more.

BSE Services

As part of a surveillance program for Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, our vets are certified to obtain proper samples and perform post mortem exams. Please call us to see if your animal qualifies for the program.

Bovine Semen Testing

Our vets use the Pulsator System to effectively collect semen samples from bulls. The vets then closely examine the samples to ensure the bulls will be efficient in the field.